Marvel Fields

The images in Marvel Fields – Landscapes with a Twist may seem dreamy, bright and positive-sided at first, but the twist is, most of them are not.

The presence of the artificial objects blended onto the natural context invites us to question the gap between reality and pretense, as well as the role played by beauty in it. When behind the idea of marvel/marvelous hides something fake, presenting it as natural in a high-quality image put the concept of beauty in a terrible position. As a long-term result, esthetic and moral values collapse.

Despite its playful appearance, the series is a manifesto against the deceiving nature of advertising, a subtle one as most of the chosen titles are also ironical.

Five from the series won Gold/1st Place in Fine Art category, and the Grand Prize of Px3 Prix de la Photographie | Red, 2016.

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