The System Wants You – Part 7

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 7:

The system wants you never grow up.
It has a great interest in you staying child-like: innocent (= unaware), trusting (= naive), easily impressed (= ready to close your eyes when reality is too ugly to bear), vulnerable (= weak), positive (= unrealistically obsessed with those nice little things in life, beauty, clever quotations, fashion, kitsch, mainstream culture, maybe a nice career, a nice house, nice vacations, nice clothes, nice etc.) since this way you won’t even think there is actually something wrong with it, not to mention trying to prevent it from functioning.
The system wants you to stay forever immature, to dream in fairy tales terms, to pamper yourself all day long, and to fear death at such extent, that nothing could ever become more important in your life than your little pink life itself.

So here it is, rule no.7: wake up. You’ll die regardless. How about leaving a trace before becoming worm food?

The System Wants You – Part 6

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 6:

The system wants you confused, so it can use you to contribute voluntarily to its development and reinforcement.

The more you are impressed by everything it sells to you through mass media, the more you forget about who you really are and try being and looking and succeeding like the so-called role-models proposed to you, the easier is for the system to brainwash and manipulate you. Thus you are kept inside this fake dream of living in a great world where everything is so well thought and done so you can have an easy life, a positive attitude, and most of all, nothing to question, nothing to criticize.

The system wants you blind, deaf and mute on the rule of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. It teaches you to be appalled by evil, to turn your back on it and pretend it doesn’t exist (and I’m not talking wars here, which is an obvious form of evil). It fills your newspapers, tv channels and a big deal from the internet with futile news, unimportant details about other people (famous or not), and romantic commercials, so you can lose your time and let yourself distracted from what’s really important.

Once your metamorphosis completed, it’s like you put on a white mask. You tried to be like some role-model, key figure, celebrity, or citizen proposed in your early education, then in your favorite movies, and later everywhere you’ve been looking. Then, you are just like everybody else: totally unaware about what’s going on in the world, working hard for causes that help no one, numb, enthusiast, naive, grateful to be alive and kicking – by all means ready to dance until you drop dead, and it’s like you’ve never lived.

But you are unique, so stay away from standard models.
You have a conscience, so refuse to be brainwashed and allow yourself becoming aware of the fact that this world as we built it is full of shit.
Keep being aware of that, even if you feel unhappy and helpless; these feelings won’t last forever.
If you are mad about things you know are wrong, expose them and forget about being nice and positive (because that’s being naive); try to change something and start with the way you live.

The system wants you to believe that surviving is impossible this way. It will confront you through the very people you are close to.

So the rule no.6 is: prepare to be alone and never give up fighting. In the end, the change you made in the world might not be visible, but it’s not going to be like you’ve never lived either.

The System Wants You – Part 5

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 5:

This one you’ll probably like, for at first glance you’ll only see the money, and everybody loves money, isn’t it. That’s exactly what the system wants from you: to believe money can buy happiness, although it’s been proved a million times that happiness can’t be bought.

Nevertheless, people follow the money, they chase it, work for it, borrow it, use it, think of it, dream of it, try everything to make as much as possible. That’s because, most of all, money means safe, easy, comfortable living, and this seems to be the shortest path to happiness. Except that, making a purpose from money is investing them with too much power over your time, space, mind and soul, and your soul is the only possible source of happiness.

Long story made short, rule no.5: don’t put your spiritual being in the service of an object able to bring you nothing more than other objects. The things are very much under your potential level. Avoid useless luxury that could bury you in debts, live a frugal, decent life, concentrate on how to be a better person, and happiness will eventually come to you.

The System Wants You – Part 4

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 4:

The system wants you busy and happy.

What’s wrong with that? You might ask. Well, it is, if you get involved in things you don’t believe in and work only for the money and/or social status. Sooner or later, what you do might get in conflict with your principles, if you have any. Soon enough, you’ll realize that the system wants you to care less about those principles, to keep your mouth shut about what you really think, and to do your fuckin’ parcel for the “greater good” (i.e. wealth and higher positions for those you serve).

So here’s rule no.4: try finding something you believe in and start working hard for that cause. For there is no better way of being busy and, eventually, happy.

The System Wants You – Part 3

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 3:

The system wants you addicted to substances. You’ll say: I know about all of those things. Do you? It’s true that you’ve been worn about the dangers of smoking and consuming fat, sugar, and alcohol. So you think you are safe. Everything revolves around you and your health. You are so grateful for the meds that increase your life expectancy. So far so good.


What you don’t know is that ALL processed food contains addictive substances that chemically react inside your brain, so you want more of it. If that’s ok with you, please find out that all of those substances are tested on animals. Not only on rats but also on cats and dogs and little rabbits. If that’s also ok with you, take a look at the role you are playing in this context. You don’t eat fast food, you probably don’t smoke nor drink alcohol and soft drinks, but you still eat processed meat, which makes you a supportive accomplice to forced growth and slaughter of millions of innocent animals. Not only chicken and cows but also those you call pets, on the Asian market. If you still think everything revolves around you and your health, think a bit further. If animals are killed for you to have those delicious steaks and powerful medicine on your plate and on your side, what addictive substances kill is you, because they give you cancer and other diseases you won’t want to think about. And it’s all for the profit.

So forget about the deceiving warnings. Forget about you being axis mundi. The only thing these collaborating industries revolve around is money, my friend.

Instead (rule no.3:)
You may want to read the labels. Or produce your own food and drinks. Or buy from small local farms (especially the meat you are so fond of. At least they raise it on a land full of natural grass, not in closed spaces filled with poison). It’s the only way to increase your life expectancy if you so much want to live a hundred years.

I don’t want to live a hundred years, but I try to go green these days. It’s hard, like every good matter in a system that also wants us lazy.