Three Years of Maja

I wish I was less obsessive about privacy, and show her story publicly from the start, here on the blog or elsewhere. I also wish I had done more beautiful pictures of her these days when we celebrate three years together. But meanwhile, things slowed down in the Aristocats world. Max disappeared, and I didn’t write about it right away, out of hope he will return, but it’s been more than half a year since, and no ad, nor search turned things in our favor. Then again, our life is about to change completely, and I’m afraid that, to some of us, the cats (and not just the cats, but possibly photography as well) will have to take a less important place, although, it’s said, love is not soap to end.

Anyway, Maja is now better than the last time we celebrated her. She had her left ear fixed last May, and with this, her health problems seem solved for now. She still enjoys the company of her friend Sorana/Şoşonel, here in the background. They chase each other all through the house, about three times a day, playing. Sometimes the situation escalates and I hear Maja hissing, but they never actually fight. Sometimes, at night, when they feel it’s freezing outside, they curl closer to each other in the corner bed next to my desk. Both are affectionate towards us human friends, keep us company, wake us up in the morning and challenge us to play. I hope they do feel happy, ’cause it looks like that.

I wish you a long and beautiful life here with all of us, Ma. I love you.

Aristocats © Mishu Vass. All Rights Reserved.


Not an aristocat, but close.
A stray dog our parents took in after finding her in front of their door, shy, skinny, all ears, with a spine problem. That was about one year ago. Meanwhile, she’s been sterilized and got treated with calcium for the spine, then kept on a right diet to prevent the condition to get worse – unfortunately, there’s no definitive cure, but swimming helps. As in the picture, she’s quite happy and good looking. We named her Nera at first glance.

Aristocats © Mishu Vass. All Rights Reserved.