The Others

This is a study on the human element, conducted at a more personal level, from a safe distance.
It lasts since 2007, and will probably continue for a long time.

Despite me being for many years a great fan of Sartre’s and his way to cut it short (L’enfer, c’est les autres), I always had my doubts about it and, more often than not, I paid the price for getting too close or being too trusty. The curiosity and sometimes the feeling that the unknown others are just slightly different versions of myself prevailed, nevertheless. My eye is always paying attention to people and, whenever there is a felt connection, I press the shutter.

Most of the images are candidly taken. These brothers and sisters of mine never knew I have borrowed their souls for an instant and read there a story that could have been mine as good as is theirs. I owe and give them thanks for every bit of it, as I share it with you, my unknown watchers.

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