Empty Kingdom

My all-time favorite film is A Última Vez Que Vi Macau (2012), an anthological piece that solves the problem of the Apocalypse in the most peaceful and appropriate way. Watching that movie functioned like a catalyst for the biggest part of my work: vast landscapes – of all sorts – from where the human element seems to miss either by a recent, sudden exit from the scene or by permanent absence due to their not yet creation. It’s the kind of images I’ve always been inclined to take, as they represent both my relationship with nature and my own withdrawn, isolation-loving personality.

The idea wasn’t entirely new: the Empty Kingdom images taken from 2008 to 2012 were, at the time, already published in my Life in Mono book, as a first section titled The World Without People. Nevertheless, the Macao Moment made it much clearer that this kind of images was to me what they call the state of the art.

Here’s a very small selection of newly made works.
The project can be followed on the Journal.

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