There are at least two sides in a photograph.
None of them is blank.

Every capture is both a document of a certain reality that existed, and a glimpse of the future, accessed through a feeling. The Story going in between has infinite versions and meanings and it’s a dynamic, constant process of feeding the soul what it needs.

The role of the photographer might just be not to tell the story, a particular story. That could be restrictive in so many ways. This other, larger Story can’t be told, as it’s not something lived or made up by the photographer. It is something beyond the craft, and the greatest thing about it is that, while being nobody’s, it can belong to anybody – to anyone that looks at a photograph.

Therefore the job of the photographer might be this: while never worry about the personal touch in the equation – that happens regardless, and matters the less, on both theirs and the viewer’s sides – to press the shutter at the right time, driven by the right feeling, in order to enable the perpetual unfolding of the Story.

After years of not knowing why I press the shutter, and years of creating all sorts of visual narratives, I’m trying to pay attention to the feeling – it’s all we got – and do just that.

Thank you, all, for looking at the photographs.