Life as a Loop

Life as a Loop is an allegoric series on human life, from the first moment of self-consciousness to its end marked by oblivion, and beyond. The series plays with the ideas of free will, bad choices, and second chances, as all the three are powerful hallmarks in one’s existence at both mundane and spiritual levels.

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That particular moment, about the age of five, when toys are no longer enough and you start to wave at people.

That instant when you suddenly notice there is two of your kind in the world, and run to grab it.

That day you realize the world is Rome and, if you don’t adjust, Romans will try their best to do it for you.

Some time in your late youth, when you understand that, no matter how many scenarios you made up to avoid it, life is a bill you must pay.

Some point in the age of memoirs, when you can see clearly where you did wrong and how you built your cage, and resign with the illusion that, once told or written, the story of your life would, eventually, teach others to stay free.

The day when you write down your will (and grow one wing).

The ending part of your life, when everything is a turning point, from the food you play with…

… to the identity you forget about. If only you could enjoy being free at last!

So they put you in a box, but you wont stay there.

A help is needed, nevertheless, to teach you how to leave the box for good, so there must be an angel.

But you escape only to find out that the realm you’re heading to requires a new identity.

Meanwhile, where you came from, the memory of you becomes more and more generic, until it’s reduced to the sketch of a person who used to think, to joke, to love; pretty much like everybody else.

And this is limbo. The unsubstantiated waiting for a legitimate end.

The only way to escape limbo is to remember who you are beyond all possible contexts; thus you regain substance.

The place to go, you pick alone. Most choose to start again.