This series illustrates what I planned to be My Personal Nuthouse: a story about a multileveled building, each of them dedicated to one type of mental conditions, from mild (first floor) to severe/life-threatening (the last). The inhabitants are all alter-egos, imagined at particular moments in one year characterized by compulsively creating one conceptual self-portrait a day. A latter intention was to illustrate every condition I could identify to, to some extent. The presented self-portraits are the most suggestive 10 out of many more I managed to make, as it was an adventure I had to stop.

I could come and say there was a serious endeavor behind this; a project carefully thought and planned in advance, meant to understand better mental illness and those affected by it, in order to help some people out there, but I’d lie. In fact, this series and most of the other self-portraits taken that year have been all a personal attempt to escape – without actually deserting it – a context in which I was spending more than eight hours a day, although it was no longer of interest to me.

If this fracture between the real life and the creative one has a name in the complete list of known mental conditions, and if the series succeeds to illustrate that as a whole, then I believe it served more than its purpose of helping myself: it became a work that could help someone else identify their own issues related to the context in which they live. At the end of the day, though, it is not for me to decide that.

The series won Silver/2nd Place at Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016.



multiple personality disorder