Chairs was the first in a row of illustrated philosophical tales. Thanks to its surrealistic feeling or maybe to the color scheme, it conquered the hearts of many, and I’m probably best known for it, along with my Safe from harm image on the cover of Life in Mono.

Selected as Finalist of Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011.

“This story is about our place in the world. We have none, although we keep searching for it about our entire lives. That’s why our chairs are always empty, waiting for us.
It is also about the circumstantial ways we see the world – and never understand it.
It’s about what we make of our world – a twisted place, where nothing is what it seems, and nothing stands where it belongs. That’s how kindred spirits leave their wild homes, entering as ghosts in our sumptuous books of natural history.
It is also a story about the uselessness of the knowledge, as we try using it in small, not dignifying purposes, like glory, fortune, pleasure; about the fact that knowing doesn’t keep death away from us.
And finally, it’s a story about madness. Our sane, responsible, grown-ups madness. That madness that ties us to objects, details, deadlines, big words, lifestyles, fake theories and wrong beliefs, while killing our spirits. The same madness that makes us look all the same way, but keeps us apart from each other.”

To see and read the story, check out the book.

01 A Different Story

02 A Roof View

03 A Twisted Story

04 The Mirror

05 The Owls House

06 The Chairmakers Block

07 The Useless Knowledge

08 The Fake Escape

09 The Twilight Room

10 Impromptu - Life

11 Impromptu - Death

11 Impromptu - Love

12 Dismissing the Chairs #2

13 Dismissing the Chairs #1

14 The Becoming #1

15 The Becoming #2

16 The Sequel