Everything is energy. That’s why any state of things, no matter how objective and consistent, gets contaminated by moods from randomly passing elements such as a book, a film, someone’s presence (physical, but as well virtual), a distant event, or a memory. The way we feel our days varies tremendously, compared to how the days actually are. Our being happy or unhappy about our life has almost nothing to do with the life itself.

Quotables © Mishu Vass


Don’t overthink. Don’t overfeel. Just do what you have to do, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Life is made of little doings that sum up to eventually give a greater meaning.

Quotables © Mishu Vass


The power of faith can be measured in fear. Fear is nothing but negative faith. That we believe stronger in things we fear, and those things happen in the end proves the fact that faith really makes things happen.

Though there is nothing mystical about this, either, since all the conditions needed for an outcome or another are our own doing. Guided by one feeling or another, we create the appropriate context and find the right means for the things we believe or the things we fear to happen.

It’s just that we are not aware of this – and when we become aware and want to put it to good use, we just… well, doubt.

Quotables © Mishu Vass


Presentiment is, ultimately, nothing mystical. It is rather a take of suggestion or a resistance to it, and the feeling we get from our brain making all the chess moves in advance to give us a potential outcome, without letting us know the process. Then the things seem to just happen, but it’s all about a choice we’ve made. Every choice, no matter how small, builds our way and creates our reality.

Quotables © Mishu Vass


Memory is a puzzle made of interchangeable pieces. Every time we think of our life, we connect the pieces and come up with a story about ourselves. The connections are potentially infinite, and so are our stories. Some are so rational, they seem trivial. Others are absurd. And others are miraculous. In the end, it’s up to us which story we stick with, which one we continue.

Quotables © Mishu Vass