Mishu Vass was born 1978 in Blaj, Transylvania to a geography teacher and an economist. Grew up on the countryside. Attended University “Babeș-Bolyai” to complete formal education in Philology and Comparative Literature. Currently a writer, photographer, and parent. Still living in Romania.

Below is a list of selected photographic and literary events occurred over the years. A selection of works is available on this site. For a more comprehensive look at the portfolio, you are invited to check out the books. For prints, don’t hesitate to contact the author.


August – September 2019 – Group Exibition, Square Gallery, Chambroutierre 23200 near Lyon, France (Dark Tales)
June 8 – July 1, 2016 – Flight Exhibition, Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, USA (Led’s Childhood)
November 2015 – Photography Now, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK (Boredom Chronicles)
September 2014 – 3rd Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Malaga, Spain (Safe from Harm)
July 2012 – “Il était une fois en Provence”, Casa TIFF, Cluj-Napoca, RO
December 2011 – Fine Art Group Exhibition, Galeria photoART, Cluj-Napoca, RO (Lines, The Inhabitant)

Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2016 – 2nd Place/Silver in Professional Portraiture | Self-Portrait Category (Insane)
Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris | RED, 2016 – 1st Place/Gold in Fine Art, Competition Grand Prize (Marvel Fields)
Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, 4th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2012 – Recipient (Safe from Harm)
Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Best Shot 2011 – 3rd Place/Runner Up (The War is Over, 100 Feet Under, Safe from Harm)
Art Limited Permanent Contest – Photographer of the Month, May 2010

Mentions | Nominations
ND Awards 2017 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art (Negative Island)
ND Awards 2016 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art (Sublunary Christmas Spirit)
11th Black and White Spider Awards, 2016 – Nomination in Fine Art (Tiny)
Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2016 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Digitally Enhanced (To Harvest the Moon)
Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) 2016 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Special Effects (Handeyes)
9th International Color Awards, 2015 – Nomination in Fine Art (Release Love, from Danbo Stories)
Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Book (Something to Rely on)
8th International Color Awards, 2014 – Nomination in Fine Art (Exit Sandman)
9th Black and White Spider Awards, 2014 – Nominations in Fine Art (Something to Rely on, Inlightening) Abstract (Interspace), and Architectural (Ceiling Street)
ND Awards 2014 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Photomanipulation (Exit Sandman)
One Eyeland Awards 2013 – Finalist in Special | Digitally Enhanced (Handeyes)
International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013 – Honorable Mention in Deeper Perspective PRO (Orphaned Gates)
8th Black and White Spider Awards, 2013 – Nomination in Fine Art (Footsteps)
International Photography Awards (IPA) 2012 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Portrait (One)
7th Photography Masters Cup, 2013 – Nomination in Fine Art (The Change Within)
7th Black and White Spider Awards, 2012 – Nominations in Abstract (100 Feet Under), and People (Hide and Seek)
6th Photography Masters Cup, 2012 – Nomination in People | Portrait (Like Going to War), Fine Art (Once Upon a Time in Rome, Advertising (Kings Occur)
Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011 – Official Selection in Fine Art | Collage (Chairs)
International Photography Awards (IPA) 2011 – Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Book (Boredom Chronicles)
The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Portraits and People 2011 – Honorable Mention (Kings Occur)
5th Photography Masters Cup, 2011 – Nomination in Nature (The Blossoming)
Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2010 – Honorable Mention in Fine-Art | Landscape (Borderline) and Digitally Enhanced (Regression)
The Everyman Pro Photo Contest 2010 – Honorable Mention in Black and White (Safe from Harm)

Square Magazine, no.902, July 2018 (Dark Tales)
SHOT! Magazine, no.13, November 2014 (Boredom Chronicles)
Muzaholic (muzaholic.ro), June 2014 (365 Self, selection)
Atelier Liternet (atelier.liternet.ro), Fotografia de Joi, March 2013 (Life in Mono selection)
Photographize.org, no.4, September 2010 (Elkielands selection)
Camera Obscura, vol.I, Spring 2010 (Bound)
Digital Magazine, 2008 (The Keeper, The Bird Thrower, A Home for the Golden Fish)

Niccolo Ammaniti – The Crossroads, Canongate Books Ltd., 2010 (image from Footsteps)
Otros Caminos, Coleccion Visiones Y Cegueras, Isla Negra Editores, 2012 (image from Footsteps)
Boris Le Roy – Au moindre geste, Editions Actes Sud, 2012 (image from Chromia)
Marc Biancarelli – Murtoriu, Editions Actes Sud, 2012 (image from The Land of Dying Trees)
Prix Goncourt winning book of Jerome Ferrari – Le sermon sur la chute de Rome, Editions Actes Sud, 2013 (Gate to the Lost World, from Dark Tales)
Antoine Choplin – La nuit tombée, Editions Á Vue d’Oeil, 2013 (The Bird Thrower)
Revue 3e Millénaire, Automne 2013 (Let’s Start a Band)
Revue 3e Millénaire, Hiver 2013 (image from 365 Self)


Photography Books
Footsteps, Blurb 2017
Life as a Loop, Blurb 2016
XXI Century: Illusions, Blurb 2012 – out of print
Life in Mono, Blurb 2012
Cancellato, Blurb 2012 – out of print
Boredom Chronicles, Blurb 2012
Bones, Blurb 2012
Chairs, Blurb 2012

Other Writings in Print
“Side Effects | Efecte Secundare”, short story included in “Real Fictions | Ficţiuni Reale” – a collective volume, Humanitas, Bucharest, 2013
“Cultura – o problemă de matematică în termeni de Adevăr, Alternativă şi Interpretare | The Culture as a Mathematical Problem in Terms of Truth, Alternative, and Interpretation”, a comparative multidisciplinary study published in Romanian Academy’s Noema, no.VI/2007
“Variante de Sens la problema existenţei. De la Soren Kierkegaard şi F.M.Dostoievski la existenţialismul secolului XX – o incursiune comparativă cu plecare de la teoria stadiilor | Giving Existence an Alternative Meaning”, a philosophical thesis published by Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă, Cluj-Napoca, 2002.