Hello Readers!

It’s been a very challenging year, as I’ve become involved in a personal project – of great importance, but hardly related to photography. The project is, obviously, not done and will also take me the rest of my life to complete, therefore I can only hope that someday, photography will find a way to get included in it. Until that day, I invite you to take a closer look at my already published images and leave you with this extensive list of projects and series here on the Journal. Of these series, some might update, but most of them are now discontinued.

Depending on the time and automatic publishing at hand, some recycling activity might happen on the Journal in the future, so keep posted if you want to see older, underpublished work. My Instagram @mishuvass may take over at some point. Also, a website refinement – because less is more, isn’t it? – is taken into consideration. All of these, of course, if only.

On this (not so sad as it may seem) note, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, filled with whatever means a lot to you.

So here’s the list:

Fine Art
Life in Mono
Empty Kingdom
Highway Moods
Industrial Aftermath
Footsteps: Following the Wanderer

Negative Island

Marvel Fields
Random Tales from Elkielands
Error Project 365

Minor Earth, Major Sky
I’m the Mountain

Human Intervention
The Others
Atypical Thirds
Moodful Romania
TIFF (Transilvania International Film Festival)
In for the Playlist

Old Fashioned Instant Magic

Bye-bye for now!