Now that it comes to an end, I can see my 2016 has been a good year, and I am grateful for it.
Personally, I dare to say, it brought a bit more wisdom, inner peace, and the courage to follow new paths.
Photographically, I’m happy it brought some encouraging results; the images specified below can be seen on my website in section Works.

* Black and White Spider Awards – Nomination in Fine Art – Tiny, Mud Volcanoes
* ND Awards – Honorable Mention in Fine Art/Abstract – Sublunary Christmas Spirit
* MIFA – Honorable Mention in Fine Art/Special Effects – Handeyes
* 10th Prix de la Photographie Paris – Honorable Mention in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced – To Harvest the Moon
* 10th Prix de la Photographie Paris – 2nd Place/Silver in Professional Portraiture/Self-Portrait – Insane
* Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris | RED – 1st Place/Gold in Fine Art & the Competition Grand Prize – Marvel Fields

*** Flight Exhibition, Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, USA – Led’s Childhood, since then on the wall of a NatGeo photographer I deeply admire.
*** Inclusion in LensCulture community.

I am now ready for whatever the next year will bring.
I know it’s going to be challenging under certain aspects, I also feel prepared for.

To all of you who showed me support: Thank You, it’s always been uplifting.
To all of the people that met me at some point in the past, in the real and virtual life, and to the followers of my photographic work: Thank You, the encounters proved meaningful.
I’m sending, All of You, my best thoughts and wishes for 2017. May peace and love reign in your hearts, and everywhere you are!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Yours truly,
Mishu Vass.