The only truly knowledgeable thing is the Self because everything we experience and everything we learn passes through its filter.

That’s why, when we consider anything – and especially the others, we actually speak about our own interpretation of them and, ultimately, about our ability or difficulty of relating to them. That’s why every time we struggle to make sense of something or someone, no conclusion seems able to bring us peace. And that’s why at the core all religions preach love.

Therefore, we should consider choosing love over cold analysis. Love solely can bridge the gap between subjectivities, as it is the only state in which the Self’ conflicting nature gets abolished. When the Self loves, it englobes everything as it was its own and cannot but treat it with kindness.

So if you want to know and at the same time to feel loved and be at peace, Love. There is no other way.

Quotables © Mishu Vass