Walking Max (1)

This tomcat made our acquaintance more than a year ago. We noticed him wandering in the neighborhood, mostly because he was quite big.

I took a picture of him at the beginning of my 365/2014. Shortly after that, we noticed he had troubles with his eyes, but he was too feral for we could treat him, so we started to tame him with delicious treats associated to his given name.

It took almost one year and a bigger health problem for him to give in. This December, he got pneumonia. He probably knew he couldn’t cure himself, so he let us catch him. After one month of supervised treatment at the vet clinic, he regained health ad got even bigger than before. The vet also suggested we should have him neutered, so after carefully considering all implications – he might already lost his territory during the hospitalization, he was going to need a home, etc. – we decided to approve the intervention and to foster him for a start.

It’s been five days since we accommodate him in our hallway. He proved himself quiet and easy-going, showing us gratitude and gentleness. And today, as the weather improved and the snow started to melt, he mewed and asked us to join him for a walk.

So we went checking out former territory, but, surprisingly, no other tomcat had claimed it. I know now he will be just fine.

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