Adopting Sorana

The day we took her off the street to treat her, we thought she might get lucky enough to find a family, if properly advertised, so we gave her a temporary name: Sorana. In Romanian, sora means sister and she looked so much like Maja, we thought she could have been her sister, which made the name come natural to us.

Since then, several months passed, she got better but found no family, although we constantly advertised her to friends, acquaintances, and online. No family, except – obviously – ours. It turned that she could be for real Maja’s sister, but her many little antics inspired other – many – different names for her.

The name that stuck is Şoşonel, i.e. Little Sock. She loves socks. On our feet and off our feet. As you can see (and probably will, often, in the future), to her, home is where the socks are :). So we gave her the name, and also a home.

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