Saving Sorana

Today we picked up this poor baby from the little place in the grass where she was sleeping all curled up, shivering and white, waiting for a miracle to happen. My husband noticed she had problems with her eyes a few days ago, when he went to feed her. He knew her for a long time as making part from a feral group he used to feed not far from our building. The cat was quite tense and had kitties at some point, so he couldn’t approach her. Since her problems started, though, she became less wild, like she knew she might need his further help. So today, after speaking to a vet clinic where they are able to host ill animals until they get better, we went to search for her, and she was there…

We took her to the clinic, where she got registered and hospitalized. She has respiratory issues, conjunctivitis, and ear mites, but with the proper treatment, good food and good care, she’ll get better. We’ll also have her sterilized and promoted for adoption. Let’s hope she’s lucky enough to find the good family she needs. Judging after her poor dental condition, her age might vary between three and seven years. Adult cats are not looked for when it comes about getting a pet, but who knows, maybe someone will fall in love with her. Although a bit scared and shy, she now seems a gentle, well-tempered cat.

We temporarily named her Sorana because her features are much alike our own princess’s. In Romanian, sora means sister. The name was also required for registration and adoption campaign. May it bring good luck to her.

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