Luckiest kitteh in the world, today

Aristocats © Mishu Vass. All Rights Reserved.

After his mom, Lizzie, went missing from the place we used to meet and feed her every day, we desperately searched for the cubs we knew she’d been hiding somewhere in the basement. We found none, and the basement was so filthy, people in that building decided to clean it. Several days after, an old woman living in the block called me on the phone and told me some kids were playing outside with a little black kitten they’ve seen emerging out of the basement as it was open after the cleaning. By the time I got there, both children and kitten had vanished.

So I’ve started looking for the cat and the kitten online, on animal protection pages. Not much hope for me, but soon it turned out that Lizzie was in good care at the house of a volunteer who had taken her off the street because she had conjunctivitis. I went see her, she was fine and she recognized me. On the very same day, I discovered the kitten. A girl living in the building had found it hiding in the bushes behind the block, where the children had let him after the play, all alone in a big rain. I told the girls about each other, and they decided to reunite them, once Lizzie sterilized and healthy.

The best thing is yet to come. The girl who took the kitten spoke to her parents who own a beautiful house and garden somewhere on the countryside. The parents agreed to adopt both mother and kitten, as soon as their health condition improved.

Complicated as it went, it’s a happy ending story and the kitten really is the luckiest in the world. We knew Lizzie for years and she never looked pregnant until this time, when she probably lost the other cubs and was on the verge to lose this one too. During these years, despite our efforts to promote her, she only had one adoption request, but the lady changed her mind because her new house with garden came also with cats. We tried to offer her the comfort of our small condo, but she ran out instantly. We knew she was no indoors cat. And now she’ll have the generous space she deserves, together with her only little one.