Saving Maja

So here we are.
Last evening she was not where I left her, but in the morning it turned out that she read my thoughts and used the basement over night. As I placed the food in front of the little window, she slowly emerged through it and started to eat, so minutes later, when I came back with the carrier, she let me pick and take her to the vet. I left her at the clinic over the day and went back for her after work.
The news are quite sad. Her condition is much worse than it looks in the picture. She has severe pneumonia, ear mites, hernia, a broken tail and only a little over 1 kilogram at an approximated age of seven months. The vet said if I haven’t found her, she would’ve been dead in less than two days.
I called her Maja and decided to keep her for as long as she needs to get healthy, beautiful and adoptable.

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