The System Wants You – Part 7

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 7:

The system wants you never grow up.
It has a great interest in you staying child-like: innocent (= unaware), trusting (= naive), easily impressed (= ready to close your eyes when reality is too ugly to bear), vulnerable (= weak), positive (= unrealistically obsessed with those nice little things in life, beauty, clever quotations, fashion, kitsch, mainstream culture, maybe a nice career, a nice house, nice vacations, nice clothes, nice etc.) since this way you won’t even think there is actually something wrong with it, not to mention trying to prevent it from functioning.
The system wants you to stay forever immature, to dream in fairy tales terms, to pamper yourself all day long, and to fear death at such extent, that nothing could ever become more important in your life than your little pink life itself.

So here it is, rule no.7: wake up. You’ll die regardless. How about leaving a trace before becoming worm food?