The System Wants You – Part 6

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 6:

The system wants you confused, so it can use you to contribute voluntarily to its development and reinforcement.

The more you are impressed by everything it sells to you through mass media, the more you forget about who you really are and try being and looking and succeeding like the so-called role-models proposed to you, the easier is for the system to brainwash and manipulate you. Thus you are kept inside this fake dream of living in a great world where everything is so well thought and done so you can have an easy life, a positive attitude, and most of all, nothing to question, nothing to criticize.

The system wants you blind, deaf and mute on the rule of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. It teaches you to be appalled by evil, to turn your back on it and pretend it doesn’t exist (and I’m not talking wars here, which is an obvious form of evil). It fills your newspapers, tv channels and a big deal from the internet with futile news, unimportant details about other people (famous or not), and romantic commercials, so you can lose your time and let yourself distracted from what’s really important.

Once your metamorphosis completed, it’s like you put on a white mask. You tried to be like some role-model, key figure, celebrity, or citizen proposed in your early education, then in your favorite movies, and later everywhere you’ve been looking. Then, you are just like everybody else: totally unaware about what’s going on in the world, working hard for causes that help no one, numb, enthusiast, naive, grateful to be alive and kicking – by all means ready to dance until you drop dead, and it’s like you’ve never lived.

But you are unique, so stay away from standard models.
You have a conscience, so refuse to be brainwashed and allow yourself becoming aware of the fact that this world as we built it is full of shit.
Keep being aware of that, even if you feel unhappy and helpless; these feelings won’t last forever.
If you are mad about things you know are wrong, expose them and forget about being nice and positive (because that’s being naive); try to change something and start with the way you live.

The system wants you to believe that surviving is impossible this way. It will confront you through the very people you are close to.

So the rule no.6 is: prepare to be alone and never give up fighting. In the end, the change you made in the world might not be visible, but it’s not going to be like you’ve never lived either.