The System Wants You – Part 5

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 5:

This one you’ll probably like, for at first glance you’ll only see the money, and everybody loves money, isn’t it. That’s exactly what the system wants from you: to believe money can buy happiness, although it’s been proved a million times that happiness can’t be bought.

Nevertheless, people follow the money, they chase it, work for it, borrow it, use it, think of it, dream of it, try everything to make as much as possible. That’s because, most of all, money means safe, easy, comfortable living, and this seems to be the shortest path to happiness. Except that, making a purpose from money is investing them with too much power over your time, space, mind and soul, and your soul is the only possible source of happiness.

Long story made short, rule no.5: don’t put your spiritual being in the service of an object able to bring you nothing more than other objects. The things are very much under your potential level. Avoid useless luxury that could bury you in debts, live a frugal, decent life, concentrate on how to be a better person, and happiness will eventually come to you.