The System Wants You – Part 4

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 4:

The system wants you busy and happy.

What’s wrong with that? You might ask. Well, it is, if you get involved in things you don’t believe in and work only for the money and/or social status. Sooner or later, what you do might get in conflict with your principles, if you have any. Soon enough, you’ll realize that the system wants you to care less about those principles, to keep your mouth shut about what you really think, and to do your fuckin’ parcel for the “greater good” (i.e. wealth and higher positions for those you serve).

So here’s rule no.4: try finding something you believe in and start working hard for that cause. For there is no better way of being busy and, eventually, happy.