The System Wants You – Part 3

This is a series of rules on how to live decently nowadays, illustrated with composite selfies. Here’s the rule number 3:

The system wants you addicted to substances. You’ll say: I know about all of those things. Do you? It’s true that you’ve been worn about the dangers of smoking and consuming fat, sugar, and alcohol. So you think you are safe. Everything revolves around you and your health. You are so grateful for the meds that increase your life expectancy. So far so good.


What you don’t know is that ALL processed food contains addictive substances that chemically react inside your brain, so you want more of it. If that’s ok with you, please find out that all of those substances are tested on animals. Not only on rats but also on cats and dogs and little rabbits. If that’s also ok with you, take a look at the role you are playing in this context. You don’t eat fast food, you probably don’t smoke nor drink alcohol and soft drinks, but you still eat processed meat, which makes you a supportive accomplice to forced growth and slaughter of millions of innocent animals. Not only chicken and cows but also those you call pets, on the Asian market. If you still think everything revolves around you and your health, think a bit further. If animals are killed for you to have those delicious steaks and powerful medicine on your plate and on your side, what addictive substances kill is you, because they give you cancer and other diseases you won’t want to think about. And it’s all for the profit.

So forget about the deceiving warnings. Forget about you being axis mundi. The only thing these collaborating industries revolve around is money, my friend.

Instead (rule no.3:)
You may want to read the labels. Or produce your own food and drinks. Or buy from small local farms (especially the meat you are so fond of. At least they raise it on a land full of natural grass, not in closed spaces filled with poison). It’s the only way to increase your life expectancy if you so much want to live a hundred years.

I don’t want to live a hundred years, but I try to go green these days. It’s hard, like every good matter in a system that also wants us lazy.