I’m a Thursday’s Child

I was born one Thursday, I usually like Thursdays and good things come to me on Thursdays more than on any other day.

The collaboration I had with Romanian cultural website liternet is one of those good things that consisted in 25 photos of mine, published one a week, on (you guessed!) each Thursday. Sadly, it ends today. Happily, it ends with an interview. Unfortunately, not in English. Eventually, I’ll do my best to translate it for you, which makes Friday or Saturday or other days your lucky days.

Still bored? I know you got tired of my studio series; no matter how interesting a theme, when expanded from 7 to 15 related shots the chances are big for it to fade; in such case, well, Sunday will definitely be your lucky day. Until then, please bear with me and, of course, enjoy your Easter time, if you number among the lucky ones :))

Here’s a picture of my new dear friend Sherlock, from whom I got this peculiar tone of voice.

I bid you goodnight!


Update, April 1.

I had no time for translating that interview and now I see it’s simple enough to get it with automatic translation; I still ain’t time to do it myself. I’m sorry about that.