The Rise and Fall of Fiction | Dorian Gray

The Rise and Fall of Fiction focuses on several fictional characters and tries to offer three different perspectives on each: the original (we’ve been taught about), the wishful (the characters would choose themselves if given the chance), and the one we force upon them through remakes (movies and commercials inspired by, but not merely loyal to their original stories).

Here you may observe the rise and fall of Dorian Gray.

Dorian Gray – as it was.

Dorian Gray – as it would if he could.

If possible, Dorian Gray would turn back the time and do everything differently.
First of all, he’d never wish for never ending youth. It’s sad to live forever and watch everyone dying around you.
Then, he might wish he never took that path to perdition. So let’s grant him the reversed situation and imagine him as a lovely, nice old fellow, who’s showing off his portrait as a handsome young man.

Moral: before adopting a certain lifestyle, put yourself in the shoes of what you’ll be as an old person who might not be proud of it.

Dorian Gray – as we misuse it.

Our times excel in forgetting the bad endings, whilst promising happy ones, and advertising is the master of it.
Our times are also obsessed with beauty, and everlasting youth. Even in his genuine version, Dorian Gray could find some opportunities. As a model. As the image of a product. And he would just fit, there’s no doubt about that.

Sample – anti-ageing cream for men. Ad.
Dorian Gray.
The only thing that gets old is the picture of you!

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