The Rise and Fall of Fiction | LRRH

The Rise and Fall of Fiction focuses on several fictional characters and tries to offer three different perspectives on each: the original (we’ve been taught about), the wishful (the characters would choose themselves if given the chance), and the one we force upon them through remakes (movies and commercials inspired by, but not merely loyal to their original stories).

Here you may observe the rise and fall of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red – as it was.
Lost in the woods on her way to the Grannie’s… and you know the rest.

Little Red – as it would if she could.

For the Little Red Riding Hood, the choice is simple.
She’d be the Forester herself, so the Big Bad Wolf will never get to Grannie’s house in the first place. End of story.
Moral: when we put our mind to it, no outside help is necessary to handle our own life.

Little Red – as we misuse it.

Her daddy drives the ultimate Volvo. As a teen, she’s already hooked on expensive perfumes such as Chanel no.5, and she dreams of vodka while she’s having Pepsi. One day, she will become a wolf herself, or maybe have the Big Bad one to be her wedded husband.

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