Chairs © Mishu Vass. All Rights Reserved.

This story is about our place in the world. We have none, although we keep searching for it about our entire lives. That’s why our chairs are always empty, waiting for us.

It is also about the circumstantial ways we see the world – and never understand it.

It’s about what we make of our world – a twisted place, where nothing is what is seems, and nothing stands where it belongs. That’s how kindred spirits leave their wild homes, entering as ghosts in our sumptuous books of natural history.

It is also a story about the uselessness of the knowledge, as we try using it in small, not dignifying purposes, like glory, fortune, pleasure; about the fact that knowing doesn’t keep death away from us.

And finally, it’s a story about madness. Our sane, responsible, grown-ups madness. That madness that ties us to objects, details, deadlines, big words, lifestyles, fake theories and wrong beliefs, while killing our spirits. The same madness that makes us look all the same way, but keeps us apart from each other.

If solitude is the main state of the human being, it is only because there was a moment when he said: “I prefer it”, out of pure self-indulgence and laziness.

Therefore we’re unable to see the world as it is, to find our right place in it, to comfort and protect its earthlings, to love our kind, to really sympathize with those that we call family and friends. Since we feel only need, afraid and guilt, we can’t “afford” to be kind and caring. And this is how we get alone, until we disappear, not knowing why we lived.

(This one would be the only worthy knowledge).